VIDEO: Boy Scouts of America to welcome girls


BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- The Boy Scouts of America will soon accept girls, marking a historic shift for the century-old organization.

Becky Wynne, a mother playing with her son at a park in Hamden, said she likes the Boy Scouts. She said her four-year-old son will soon join the Cub Scouts because the group has much to offer her a little boy. "First, socializing and making friends and learning different skills and things like that," said Wynne.

But soon the girls will join the boys. The Boy Scouts announced Wednesday that starting next year, young girls will be allowed into the Cub Scout program.

"It's a more inclusive look to what we're doing and Boy Scout and now," said Brian Steger, Scout CEO for the Baltimore Area Council. "There's still going to be the opportunity to have single gender or same-sex cub scouting or boy scouting programs, that won't change," said Steger.

Still, it's a confusing new policy for Wynne. "I guess I just don't understand why the Girl Scouts need to be part of the Boy Scouts when they have Girl Scouts. And I don't understand why girl scouts can't do camping. Things that the boys are doing with girls," said Wynne.

But at a Cub Scout den meeting in Parkville Wednesday night, another mother welcomes change, despite her eight-year-old son Daniel's doubts.

"I don't think there should be walls that keep a certain gender out of any particular activities," said Cheryl Dishon, whose son has been part of the cub scouts for a month." "And I think there are things that can benefit both boys and girls here," added Dishon.

But her son Daniel said, "I kind of feel nervous, I don't know, because they(girls)might ruin everything," he said.

Separate programs for older girls are expected to be available in 2019.

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