Video recovered from bus crash scene could be crucial evidence – if it works

Video recovered from bus crash scene could be crucial evidence – if it works (WBFF)

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- All focus for investigators is now on what caused Tuesday's morning bus crash and if it could have been prevented.

Experts from the National Transportation Safety Board will be looking into the crash. One thing that could be critical to their investigation is video recovered from the MTA bus. It was removed from the wreckage, but police say they do not know if it is usable or what type of condition it's in because of the severity of the damage to the bus.

The NTSB is assisting Baltimore's police crash team. Police call the accident “catastrophic,” saying rarely do they deal with a mass casualty situation with this many deaths at one accident. The NTSB has a team of eight investigators here, but others are on the way to Baltimore.

They will be looking at a number of factors: the performance of both drivers, the condition of the vehicles involved, the condition and layout of the road where this happened and the safety of the buses involved and how likely people are to survive a crash on one.

"We expect to be in the area the remainder of the week," says Jennifer Morrison, the lead investigator on the accident. "During that time we will continue to gather factual information with the goal of ultimately determining the cause of the crash and issuing safety recommendations aimed at preventing future crashes and fatalities."

They'll also interview the school bus aide who survived the crash and look at the autopsy report of the 67–year-old man driving the school bus.

Police have put out a plea for witnesses who may not have stuck around this morning after the accident to call them with information on what they saw.

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