Vigil held for Baltimore's 300+ murder victims of 2018

    Vigil held for Baltimore's 300+ murder victims of 2018

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - More than 100 people gathered at Baltimore's War Memorial Building to remember the more than 300 victims of homicide in 2018.

    The prayer vigil, which was organized by Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, was the second such event during her administration.

    Samantha Lide says her sister Chanette Neal and her niece Justice Allen were both murdered on the same day last April during a home invasion in West Baltimore.

    "Right now, it's rough and it's hard with the holidays and it's just rough, there's really no words or no way to describe the pain and the loss that we feel," said Lide, who displayed a series of photos of her sister and niece.

    Some citizens showed up to comfort others, but Kendra Tilghman worries that her family could become victims as well.

    "With the amount of violence, you get afraid for your children to come up now in the city you grew up in because you don't know if they'll be hit with the next stray bullet."

    Eugene McIntyre, who attended the vigil with his wife, said "It's crazy, I mean over 300 homicides again for a record number of years. I don't know what the solution is."

    The McIntyres were there to watch their son perform with a rap group part of a program called "beats not bullets."

    "We're just tired of all the violence, it's nonsense doesn't make any sense you know."

    Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh defended the city's recent gun buyback program in which citizens were paid to turn over 1,500 weapons.

    "And if one of those guns would have killed one person in this city, I don't know that you could put a value on that person's life," said Mayor Pugh.

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