'WE HAVE TO DO BETTER' | Outrage after video of Baltimore teacher getting hit

'WE HAVE TO DO BETTER' | Outrage after video of Baltimore teacher getting hit

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Shocking video from a Baltimore City school is going viral after a student is caught on camera punching a teacher.

A spokesperson with the school district told FOX45's Joy Lambert they have no comment on the video that's making rounds on social media, but on Thursday, there's more information about the teacher who was hit - including that she just returned to school from cancer treatments.

Joy Lambert spoke with the Baltimore Teachers Union about the violent attack in the middle of a Frederick Douglass High School classroom.

The teacher is seen remaining calm and trying to reason with the student as she leaves the room.

One resident said: "Tears came to my eyes. It's a sad situation."

Another, Hope Mims, said: "I'm disgusted. I am completely appalled."

As students arrived to Douglass High this morning, so did concerned citizens.

A chemistry and biology teacher, the woman who was assaulted just returned from medical leave after battling cancer.

Baltimore City Teachers Union president Marietta English said instructors deserve respect.

English previously asked the district to implement policies to provide options for students with this type of behavior and protection for teachers who bear the brunt of their rage.

"That person needs to be removed from that situation, and that’s why we need alternative placements for students who need this kind of support," she said.

She says the district needs more resources to address anger issues in violent students.

The teacher in this incident was evaluated by her doctor and is on a three-day leave. She has been with the school district since 1990.

The district won't confirm what disciplinary action was taken, but FOX45 heard from sources that the student has been removed from the campus.

Meanwhile, those who saw the video say it's not just the district's responsibility.

"What we are going through in the city of Baltimore, we have to do better," said Hope Mims. "Parents, you have to do better; students, you have to do better."

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