Would-be investors hear from West Baltimore entrepreneurs

Would-be investors hear from West Baltimore entrepreneurs

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The business community in west Baltimore is still struggling to find its footing after the riots and destruction three years ago.

But Wednesday night, there was new reason for hope, and it's coming from all over the area.

FOX45's Jeff Abell attended a unique event looking to give west Baltimore a chance.

At North Avenue's newly-restored Parkway Theater, it wasn't a movie that drew the crowd, but a pitch.

A group of entrepreneurs gathered with the hopes of doing business in one of the city's most troubled communities.

Six different entrepreneurs were given six minutes to sell their products to an audience of potential investors, similar to the hit show "Shark Tank."

Dr. Steva Komeh developed an all-natural remedy to arthritis, while Aaron Velky pitched a program teaching teens about money.

The entrepreneurs have spent weeks getting an education themselves in the Conscious Venture Lab, "an early stage business accelerator" that just opened in west Baltimore.

On Wednesday, the group's CEO told the crowd critics doubted it could be done.

Six entrepreneurs that graduated from the program are now vowing to jumpstart their business and their community - and they're hoping for a little help along the way.

They have already earned start-up money from the Conscious Venture Lab program.

Now, they're appealing to others for help.

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