HEAVENLY HAM | A pig named Haagen-Dazs connects local kids to tutoring

HEAVENLY HAM | A pig named Haagen-Dazs connects local kids to tutoring

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Unusual pets always draw a crowd. But there's one in northeast Baltimore that helped launch a journey that may change the lives of some kids.

FOX45's Kathleen Cairns and Alanna Delfino shared the tale of Haagen-Dazs.

It's not ice cream, but the story will make your heart melt.

Haagen-Dazs is a 51-pound, miniature pet pig acquired by Kendall of Saint Dunstan's Road.

Kendall is a nurse, and, like a good neighbor, she wanted to keep up.

"So, I was looking on line at Petfinder[.com], and saw he was available for adoption. I was, like, 'Ahhh, I have a shed!'" she said.

She calls Haagen-Dazs "Oggie" for short.

"He doesn't like cauliflower, but otherwise he's a pig. He eats everything!" she said.

And because of the pig, Kendall's suddenly found herself quite popular.

"And then the kids are constantly passing by and asking, can they pet the pig," she said.

That's how Kendall met Michael, who visits the pig every day.

And so, a beautiful friendship was formed, out in the mud.

It was on one of the visits that Kendall made a discovery, too, about Michael.

"i wasn't prepared for this school year," he said. "I call her my tutor since she helps me with my classwork and homework."

So, every afternoon, after some quality pig time, they leave the pig pen and pick up the No. 2 pencil.

Kendall has been tutoring Michael, who is 12, for several months.

The more he falls behind, the tougher it is to catch up.

"it just hurt me so much to see how far behind he got," she said.

It weighs heavily on Michael's mom; she blames the Baltimore City school system.

"I feel like they just pushed him through, just to get rid of him. There's no way he should have passed," said his mother.

Michael's brother, Jeremiah, watches closely and learns, too.

Kendall worries about all kids in the school system.

"I'm realizing now that Michael is not the exception but he's the norm. I do think it is a crisis," she said. "I feel like the schools could do more to help our kids."

With the help he is getting here, they hope Michael can get back on track.

"It's like God sent me an angel when I met her... It's like the pig's an angel."

Michael's future may be brighter, all because of this heavenly ham.

"I think Haagen-Dazs is smart, too," he noted.

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