Sgt. Pushup teams up with Maryland Food Bank to fight hunger

Sgt. Pushup teams with Maryland Food Bank

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -– If it seems Patrick Parker and his personality are everywhere in Baltimore, that’s because he is.

Parker is better known as “Sgt. Pushup,” his alter ego and social media personality.

"'You know what? I'm just gonna make a character. Sgt. Pushup!' You know... So, I made a character," Parker said. "It's not about the Guinness book or anything like that. It's about helping children, and if we all took that same approach, we could all do a lot together."

“Sgt. Pushup” ended a campaign this fall in which he did 260,000 pushups to support the Maryland Food Bank.

"It is rare for someone to come up with such an interesting and creative way to raise awareness and raise money to fight hunger here in Maryland,” Tom Higdon of the Maryland Food Bank said. "I don't know if you can go anywhere in the Baltimore area and not see him."

The U.S. Army veteran is in the midst of a new campaign, where he hopes to crowd source 1 million pushups to fight hunger.

"A pushup is a dollar. It equals three meals for kids,” Parker said. "You gotta step out of your comfort level in order to do something great, so what I want to do is end childhood hunger."

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