ATL airport outage causing headaches at BWI

ATL airport outage causing headaches at BWI (WBFF)

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- A power outage inside the busiest airport in the world caused major headaches here in Baltimore.

Officials now know a fire caused the power to go out at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Sunday afternoon.

The outage forced a ground stop, meaning Atlanta bound people, including those flying out of BWI weren’t going anywhere.

“My plan was to drop my children off with family in Baltimore and then come back to Atlanta, but that didn’t happen,” said Takki Wright, while sitting near baggage claim.

Wright and her two children were onboard their flight from Atlanta to Baltimore when the power outage happened. It wasn’t until Wright got to the gate for her returning flight that she found out it had been cancelled. What happened next involved hours of waiting.

“I’m just going to go back to my sister’s house and wait and try again in the morning,” said Wright, thankful to have family in the area.

Other travelers formed long lines outside airline ticket counters, hoping to catch the next available flight to Atlanta.

The Wilson family was able to reserve a Monday morning flight. That meant spending the night in a hotel here in Baltimore with their two children.

“We’re waiting for our bags and then we can hopefully get to our hotel,” said Kristin Wilson.

Fox 45 spoke with the family as they waited for their luggage. Baggage claim was crowded, as many travelers with cancelled flights to Atlanta, including the Wilson family had already checked their bags and gone through security.

“I’m going to miss work tomorrow and he’s going to be missing school,” said Wilson, in talking about the impact of the power outage.

Still, despite the headache travelers appeared to remain in good spirits.

Hartsfield Jackson International Airport officials said Sunday evening they hoped power would be restored to the airport by midnight Monday.

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