All Clear Given: Hazmat Situation

Hazmat Situation in Brooklyn

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- The Baltimore office of Emergency Management says the Shelter in place has been lifted after a chemical spill caused residents to shelter in place in South Baltimore.

Baltimore City Fire Crews are still on the scene of a Hazmat incident in Brooklyn.

Residents in zip codes 21060 21225 & 21226 were told to shelter in place.

Mayor Catherine Pugh's office says, the incident started at approximately 10:47 a.m. at Solvay Industries in the 3400 block of Fairfield Rd in Brooklyn.

Employees from a neighboring business told FOX45 they smelled a strong, acidic aroma Monday.

A vapor cloud could be seen the air, miles away from the incident scene.

The Baltimore City Fire Department said Chlorosulfonic Acid leaked while being transferred. As soon as the chemical spilled it began seeping into the air, causing a chemical plume.

That chemical cloud blew toward Curtis Bay, causing officials to advise residents within a one mile radius (Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County) to close windows and limit time outdoors.

Hazmat crews worked to contain and clean the spill.

According to the Mayor's office the all clear was given at 1:42pm.

No one inside the plant was hurt.

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