Remembering DC officer shot and killed in Baltimore

Remembering Sgt. Tony Mason Jr., DC officer shot and killed in Baltimore. (Family photo)

Many questions are being asked about why a DC police officer was killed early Saturday morning.

Victoria Gipson Clark shared pictures of her friend and former DC police partner.

She says Sgt. Tony Mason Jr. saved her life nine years ago.

Now she is honoring his, calling him “a wonderful friend and amazing officer.”

Baltimore Police tell us Sgt. Mason was shot and killed on the city’s west side early Saturday morning.

His cousin says he lived in Baltimore.

James Grayton talked to us from Mason’s childhood home.

“We’re trying to just hold it together for the kids and his aunts and his uncles,” said Grayton.

Investigators say the 40-year-old was off-duty, sitting in his car with a woman.

She was shot in the leg but survived.

Family and friends of Mason are not familiar with her, but they tell us she identified herself as a girlfriend to detectives.

They say the shooting happened close to her home, not his.

“He was a good father, a great person, loved people, loved having fun, fun-loving young man,” said Grayton.

Sgt. Mason had four children, according to Clark.

She says he worked undercover, tracking down guns and drugs, for much for his career with the Metropolitan Police Department.

We have not heard back from a MPD, but Clark says he was with the department at least 15 years.

“We need to figure out a way to try to get the guns off the streets,” said Grayton.

Sgt. Mason was killed as Baltimore activists called for a cease fire for the weekend.

The suspect has not been located.

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