Video shows brutal beating of high school girl at park

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The video is hard to watch. A 14-year-old girl being bullied and beaten by a gang of high school girls, while others just stood around and watched.

The father believes this may be a hate crime, and is sharing his daughter’s story, so another child does not have to go through the pain his daughter is in.

The teen is now in the hospital.

The video is disturbing and heartbreaking, as a young teenage girl is surrounded by high schoolers at Sunset Cove Amphitheatre Park.

The 14-year-old thrown to the ground, and then hit, and kicked, while others do nothing and watch.

CBS12 spoke to the young teen's father by Facetime, because he is currently out of the country.

“She said she was getting text messages, and bullying messages from these girls,” Munshi said.

Munshi says this isn’t the first time his daughter has been bullied.

Munshi says his daughter had been harassed and teased before at West Boca High School for being Muslim, which he says they reported to the school.

“Sometimes she says that they make fun of her because she is a Muslim, calling her terrorist, and I used to tell her don’t take it serious, they’re just making fun of you,” Munshi said.

But the most recent incident caught on video, put his daughter in the hospital.

“She had bruises on the face, neck, head. My wife just took her to the doctor because she could not eat,” Munshi said.

Deputies say this all started from a dispute between an Olympic Heights student, and the girl being bullied, who goes to West Boca High.

The teen was under the impression the girls were meeting to talk, according to deputies.

PBSO is investigating the case.

Deputies say at no time was race or bullying ever discussed or considered to play a role in the altercation.

At this time, the family is letting the case play its course before deciding whether to take legal action.

The Council on Islamic Relations is aware of the case.

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