Baltimore woman 'blown off' her own toilet files lawsuit


BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- A Baltimore woman says she was injured both physically and emotionally from an exploding toilet.

"She was blown off that toilet that day," says attorney Louis Glick.

The woman is now filing a lawsuit more than a year after the day it happened. Angela Wright says she still suffers psychologically and her home hasn't been repaired.

"I was literally covered in feces. Are you kidding me who wants that?" Wright said.

Wright spoke with FOX45 about the ordeal in November 2014, right after it happened.

"She had to clean it up herself," Glick says. "Can you imagine doing that?"

Named in the lawsuit are Baltimore's mayor and City Council along with two city contractors -- Heitkamp Incorporated and Spinello Companies.

"She still has enormous emotional stress and she's still under treatment," Glick says, "for post-traumatic stress disorder."

In 2014 FOX45 was told the city contracted the company Spinello, to use high-pressure hoses to clean out the sewer line in Wright's neighborhood.

She says she was sitting on her toilet when it backed up and she was blown off.

"The Spinello men came in here," she told us that day. "Once they stopped the machines and I showed them I was covered in feces and they were blown away."

Glick says property damage is significant.

"We have an estimate of $14,000 just to repair the bathroom," he says, adding that day wasn't the first time that waste backed up into Wright's home.

"It happened also in August 2014. Fortunately she wasn't sitting there."

"I would probably seek $250,000 if we go in front of a jury to compensate her properly for the enormous blows to her psyche and physical self."

FOX45 reached out to all those named in the lawsuit late Thursday afternoon, and are still waiting to hear back. A court date for the case has not been set.

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