Biscuit the dog reunited with family in DC

Biscuit the dog reunited with family in D.C. (ABC7)

To understand why 7-year-old Reagan Turner and her mother Darria are crying tears of elation at 9 p.m., we need to take you back several painful hours before when their beloved dog Biscuit ran off on Wednesday.

"At first I couldn't control myself. I'm just like frantic, crying, trying to figure out what happened," Darria Turner said.

Darria let the family labradoodle out Wednesday afternoon in their fenced-in yard in Southeast Washington. When she checked on him several minutes later he was gone.

Their home surveillance video shows a man walking by their back gate trying to let Biscuit out. Then the man walks around to the front, opens the gate and out goes Biscuit.

"It doesn't matter how cute they are, you cannot take a dog from their family," Reagan said.

This time of year is especially meaningful for Reagan because Biscuit was her surprise Christmas gift two years ago.

As we were leaving the initial interview, two strangers walked up with guess who — Biscuit.

They said they found him wandering several blocks away, read the address on his tag and escorted him home.

"I'm just glad somebody found him and returned him safely," Darria said. "Oh my goodness, I'm overjoyed right now."

"I'm just so happy. I was like when I heard that bark I knew it was Biscuit immediately," Reagan said. "Christmas is going to be the merrier than ever."

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