Accused Cop Killer Suspended 7, missed 100 days of school this year

Accused Cop Killer Suspended 7, missed 100 days of school this year

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- We’re learning more about the four teens charged in the death of Officer Amy Caprio. All four suspects went to Baltimore City Schools. There are many unanswered questions in this case – such as, why weren’t these teenagers in school at 2:00 on a Monday afternoon.

We start with Dawnta Harris, the 16-year-old accused of driving the Jeep that ran over the officer. Harris is listed as being in eighth grade at Excel Academy, which is an Alternative school. It’s also a school where last fall Project Baltimore reported six of its students had been killed in the previous 10 months. As for Harris, sources inside City Schools tell Fox45, he’s missed 100 days of school this year and was suspended for another seven days. His most recent GPA was 0.2.

Eugene Genius is currently enrolled as a senior at Frederick Douglass. He had transferred there in January from City College. Since January 25, he has been marked as absent 66 days. His cumulative GPA for high school is listed as 2.1.

And Derrick Matthews, Fox45 couldn’t find a school where he was enrolled. Court documents explain he was on house arrest for a vehicle theft in March.

Darrell Ward, we found, bounced around between schools, including Renaissance Academy, where a student died after he was stabbed in the school 2015. Ward also attended National Academy Foundation, where a source who knew him, says Ward was a good kid who had no discipline. Fox45 is told the 15-year-old was in 9th grade. And while he went to school, our source says he wasn’t in class much.

A source close to Renaissance Academy said Ward had no disciplinary record at the school.

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