City Schools, Project Baltimore Bound for Court Battle over Public Records Request

City Schools, Project Baltimore Bound for Court Battle over Public Records Request

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - What is happening inside your child’s school? Project Baltimore believes you have the right to know. But to get answers concerning a recent investigation into allegations of grade changing, Fox45 may have to go to court.

In December, Project Baltimore filed a lawsuit in Circuit Court against Baltimore City Public Schools. A few months prior, Fox45 had filed some public records requests asking for information pertaining to recent investigation into grade changing done by North Avenue. One of those investigations was the result of stories Project Baltimore produced about Northwood Appold Community Academy II. Not only did North Avenue deny our records request, they gave us nothing. So, we sued claiming that City Schools violated Maryland’s Public Information Act law.

In its response, City Schools says, in part, releasing its findings would jeopardize the integrity of future internal investigations. It also says some of the documents include private personnel information, even though Fox45 agreed personnel information could be redacted.

Journalists file public records requests all the time. It’s common for parts of the request to be denied, but we usually get something we can share with the taxpaying public. For City Schools to give us nothing is rare.

The attorney who filed this lawsuit on Fox45’s behalf, sat down with Project Baltimore to explain why the public has a right to this information. Watch his interview above.

This lawsuit is about transparency, so Fox45 plans to be as transparent as possible throughout the entire legal process. On this page, you will find Project Baltimore’s original lawsuit and the District’s response.

Project Baltimore will take the District’s response to a Circuit Court judge and request an early trial date.

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