City Students Promoted Despite Failing Report Cards

City Students Promoted Despite Failing Report Cards

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- More parents are coming forward claiming their children are being pushed through Baltimore City Schools – passing classes without learning the material.

For Jason Bell, his kids’ education is his priority. His 7-year-old is off to a strong start in Baltimore City Public Schools. But for his sixth grader, it’s a different story. Over the past few months, Bell has watched as Project Baltimore interviewed parents, students, teachers and even school administrators who say many city students are being given grades – not earning them.

“Enough is enough.” Bell says it happened to his son. “Like, wow. Our children deserve a better chance.”

At Frederick Elementary, last year, his son received mostly “Poor” and “Unsatisfactory” year-end marks. This father wanted him held back to re-learn the material. His son’s report card even states he “has not met the standards for promotion.” Yet, the report card was stamped “promoted”. His son went to the next grade.

“He’s still struggling because he’s behind,” stated Bell. “He couldn’t do the work in the fifth grade, how can you expect him to do the work in the sixth grade?”

Lee Young says something very similar happened to his son at Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary.

Bell and Young are not alone. Many parents have contacted Project Baltimore with the same complaint. One parent sent us a report card for their seventh grader at Knowledge and Success Academy in West Baltimore. The student, last year, received three Fs and four Ds. This report card also says “has not met the standards for promotion.” Yet, this student was also “promoted”.

The parent signed the email, “A concerned mom”.

“I think they are worried about their school percentage rate so they can say we have a 94, 95, 96 percent success rate with passing students,” concluded Bell. “My children go there. If I could put them in a better school, I would. But right now we’re in the city.”

Fox45 reached out to each school mentioned above asking for an explanation on how these students advanced grade levels when their report cards say they failed. We were told to contact North Avenue. So we did and learned the questions we raised, and the report cards you just saw, have been forwarded to the District’s Department of Investigations.

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