Despite Police Report and Doctor’s Note, School Says No Evidence of Bullying

    BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD -- WBFF -- A Baltimore County mother has pulled her daughter out of school saying it’s no longer safe. The mom says she has proof which includes cell phone video she took after a recent alleged attack.

    In the video, the former second grader from Dogwood Elementary is rocking back and forth on her family’s couch, holding her head in her hands while crying hysterically, “I don’t want to go to school! I don’t want to go to school!”

    Due to her job, and her daughter’s safety, the mom asked we conceal her identity. She says she recorded the video when her daughter came home from school. That day, according to the family, she had been beaten on the head by another student.

    “My first instinct, of course as a mother, was to grab her and hold her and to kiss her and to love her. But I felt like I needed to show this,” the mom tells Project Baltimore. “I said, I'm sorry, 'cause I'm about to cry because I saw that video. I'm sorry. But I knew that I had to do it for people to see me, to believe me.”

    This family says severe bullying has been a problem all year at the Windsor Mill school. But on that day, the mom finally realized how much her daughter was suffering.

    The 8-year-old was taken to the emergency room with injuries to her head. GBMC diagnosed her injuries as an assault, so bad the ER doctor kept her out of school for the rest of the week. Baltimore County Police investigated and found the second grader was the victim of a crime – Assault in the second degree.

    “I couldn't touch her head for days. I had to take her to her doctor that Friday. Her doctor couldn't even touch her head,” the mom says.

    Citing this attack and repeated instances of violence, the girl’s pediatrician sent a letter to the school’s principal requesting a transfer saying, “Dogwood Elementary is no longer capable of providing a safe environment.”

    But when the family filed a bullying complaint with the school, the result was very different.

    Despite the police report, the medical records and the doctor’s note, which all describe a serious attack, the school determined “there is not sufficient evidence to prove that your child was subjected to bullying or intimidation behaviors.” There was no recommended discipline for the attacker. This mom calls it a cover up.

    “The boy was playing and he hit her in the head by mistake. That's what the principal said,” the mom told Project Baltimore.

    “How could somebody just hit you in the head by accident?” says the daughter, who told us she was hit three times.

    “I feel the children are not safe in the schools anymore. If I had the money or the means to be able to do it, I would take her out of the school system altogether and put her somewhere private,” says the mom.

    Project Baltimore contacted the school and District Administration requesting an interview. We got an email saying, “We won’t be making [Principal] Johari Toe available for interviews, nor will we be making anyone from Central Office available.”

    But Fox45 found the principal, standing on the sidewalk in front of her school at the end of the school day. Project Baltimore asked her about the police report, the doctor’s note and the paperwork she signed, which said there was not sufficient evidence of bullying or intimidation behaviors.

    But Principal Toe would not answer our questions and asked Project Baltimore to leave school property. The mom has pulled her daughter out of Dogwood, and says she won’t be going back.

    “Something has to be done to stop this. It's horrible,” she says. “Second grade, I should not have to be worrying about where to put my child next year.”

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