Family Demands Answers After Teacher Caught Sleeping

Family Demands Answers After Teacher Caught Sleeping

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A Baltimore City family is demanding an investigation after a teacher is caught appearing to be asleep with a class full of kids. The family says the teacher was reported to the school’s principal, but what happened after that led them to contact Project Baltimore.

The family didn’t want to be identified because they didn’t want everyone to know who gave Fox45 the picture of a substitute teacher who appears to be fast asleep at the head of the class.

“When he showed me the picture, I just couldn’t believe it. I was just in shock that he was asleep during school hours,” stated the guardian of a student at the school.

According to the phone’s timestamp, the picture was take on the afternoon of November 15 at 12:57. The student holding the phone was sitting in a social studies class at Arlington Elementary Middle in northwest Baltimore.

“I just feel like Baltimore City Schools are depriving our children,” added the woman, who said the class wasn’t given any work. There was no video to watch. The teacher just walked into class and fell asleep. “I wanted everyone to know because I am sure this is not the first time this has happened.”

Fox45 was informed of at least one student who reported the teacher to Arlington’s Principal, Emily Hunter. But, we were told, the following day the teacher was back in the same class, in the same position. Our source says if any action was taken, she hasn’t seen it.

Project Baltimore reached out to Principal Hunter and City Schools headquarters at North Avenue. We had some questions about the picture and the response after administrators were informed. We heard nothing from Principal Hunter. North Avenue sent us a statement confirming the Principal was told by a student that the teacher was sleeping and the District’s Human Capital Office is now reviewing the matter. North Avenue also told us school staff visited the substitute during school hours and there were no negative reports.

“It’s bad. It’s terrible, right now. I don’t understand what’s going on. He got paid to do a service and he came in and fell asleep. If I fall asleep at work, I’m going to be terminated. I feel this should be investigated.”

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