Father Proclaims: City Schools Failed My Son

    Father Proclaims: City Schools Failed My Son

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A distraught father reached out to Project Baltimore saying Baltimore City Schools has failed his son. The student, who is a senior, is set to graduate this year. But the father says he’s not close to being ready – and he has evidence.

    “It’s like no one is worried about them,” said Victor Able, Sr. “It’s just push them all along and have them out of the system. It’s just not right.”

    Victor Able, Jr. is a senior at City Neighbors Charter School in Northeast Baltimore. He has an IEP, an Individualized Education Program. His school receives extra funding to help him. But his father says Able, Jr. hasn’t received that extra help. Over the years, Able, who is a disabled Army veteran, has filed claims against the school. He’s gone to North Avenue, city council and even the mayor’s office.

    “I get so emotionally wrapped up in it, I just want to scream because how can this happen? How can this happen to him?” Able emotionally asked of his son, who he fears is being left behind.

    When asked if this keeps him up at night, Able replied, “More than you know. More than you know. They have just dropped the ball.”

    Then, Able got the evidence with a recent IEP progress report from City Schools, which the family wanted Project Baltimore to share.

    “I’m not getting what I’m really supposed to be getting. I’m getting a half,” stated Able’s son.

    According to the IEP report, the 12th grader reads at a 5th grade level; does math at a 4th grade level.

    “It’s not supposed to happen,” stated Able. “I don’t want him to fall out into the streets.”

    Project Baltimore reached out to City Neighbors and received this statement: “We provide a unique environment that is designed to empower students, nurture a sense of belonging and gives teachers autonomy to establish a strong culture of learning. Our faculty and staff are dedicated professionals who work diligently to ensure that all students receive the best education and our best efforts.” - Bobbi Macdonald, City Neighbors Charter School

    “They failed my son,” said Able. “Not just my son, a whole lot of kids. The system is broken. They need to stop and fix it.”

    Able told Project Baltimore he has hired an attorney and has a meeting with the school later this month.

    FOX45 is hosting a Project Baltimore Town Hall. Kai Jackson and Project Baltimore Lead Investigative Reporter Chris Papst will lead a discussion on the state of education in Baltimore.

    The town hall is being produced at Banneker Blake Academy on Tuesday, October 24 at 6:30pm. If you would like to be in the audience, email us at news@foxbaltimore.com for details.

    Include the words “Town Hall” in the subject line.

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