Hogan calls for new State IG Office, cites Project Baltimore

Hogan calls for new State IG Office, cites Project Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Governor Larry Hogan called out Baltimore City Schools Monday for persistently failing our kids. He then cited several recent Project Baltimore reports to justify a new position he wants to create within state government to investigate public schools.

Every year, Annapolis gives about $6 billion to local public school systems, and Hogan said there is not enough accountability in how that money is spent. He wants to change that by establishing a new Inspector General office in Annapolis that specifically investigates public education.

This coming legislative session, the Governor will introduce the Accountability in Education Act of 2018. If passed, it would create a new Education Inspector General position in Annapolis, which would be solely focused on investigating the state’s K-12 public schools. In announcing the legislation, the governor cited four recent Project Baltimore reports as proof of why this position needs to be created. Those reports include 13 city high schools that, last year, did not have a single student proficient in math. He also mentioned a Fox45 report where a District administrator said 70 percent of high schools and middle schools in the city change grades so students can advance to the next grade or graduate.

“We simply cannot allow children to be punished year after year because their adult leaders are failing,” said Hogan. “Our children desperately need someone to fight for their civil rights and that is exactly what we intend to continue to do.”

If passed, this new investigative office would have subpoena power. There would also be an anonymous tip line established to protect whistleblowers.

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