“It’s Insulting, Degrading”: City Mom Responds to Senator’s Remarks

“It’s Insulting, Degrading”: City Mom Responds to Senator’s Remarks

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A Maryland State Senator with strong words triggers a stronger reaction from a city mom fighting for her son’s education. Senator Joan Carter Conway represents Maryland’s 43rd District. But at a recent hearing in Annapolis she was talking about Fox45.

“It’s really ridiculous. But you know, I just move on,” said Senator Conway during a hearing at the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee, which she chairs.

Conway was responding to a Project Baltimore report about a city mom, Julie Gaskins, who went to Annapolis last month to testify how City Schools failed her son.

It’s a battle Gaskins has been fighting for the past seven years. Her son’s school is in Conway’s district and was found by the state to be in violation of federal education law. But for Gaskins’ entire speech, Conway’s chair was empty. Later on, Fox45 asked the Senator where she was.

“It consists of a number of things that are probably too detailed and too long to explain it to you,” replied Conway.

The day after that Gaskins’ story aired on FOX45, Senator Conway was in her chair on the committee floor where she repeatedly brought up the report.

“It’s a joke to her,” replied a visibly disappointed Gaskins after Fox45 played for her Conway’s statements.

Said Conway during the hearing, “I am all for transparency. And if I’m not here in my seat you can believe I’m somewhere else working on behalf of the citizens of Maryland.”

After hearing that statement, Gaskins replied, “Really? We saw her in the hallway. She wasn’t working hard. She was eating M&Ms.”

Project Baltimore also showed Gaskins the moment from the hearing when the long-time Senator appeared to make a joke.

“I’m going to be facetious,” started Conway. “Does channel 45 know you’re out of your chair and you’re testifying?” The man she addressed didn’t appear to have

seen Conway’s story, yet called it “fake news.” Conway responded by saying, “Yeah, fake news is right.”

“There was nothing fake about what was happening that day. There’s nothing fake about what’s happening inside city schools,” replied Gaskins. “People just don’t care about what happens inside city schools. She’s a prime example. She’s the chair of the education committee. It’s insulting. It’s demeaning, degrading.”

When asked if Gaskins would like an apology, she said, “It’s the least she could do at this point. There was no need for this. None.”

Since Senator Conway made those comments, Fox45 repeatedly called her office requesting an interview. None of our phone calls or messages were returned.

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