Mom Demands Answers From School For Son’s Good Grades

Mom Demands Answers From School For Son’s Good Grades

An enraged City Schools mom is demanding answers after her son missed an entire month of school, but got As on his progress report.

For the past few months, Project Baltimore has been investigating claims that many City Schools students are passing classes without doing the work. City Schools mom, Tamika Harrison, not only has what she calls proof, she found something else that raises new questions.

Harrison is not one to hold back, especially when it comes to her son’s education.

“I shouldn’t have to stand on Fox45 pissed off as a parent,” stated an impassioned Harrison. “This part about what I’m doing is about putting a dent in the Board of Education. From higher up, middle, lower, lower than low.”

For the entire month of September, Harrison’s son, Jahmal, was not in school. He didn’t have all his immunization shots. So Harrison expected his first quarter progress report to reflect that. It didn’t.

Jahmal’s progress report raises a few questions. First, despite missing all of September, it says he was only absent for half-a-day. And, while he did receive 5 Fs with teachers noting he was “absent too frequently”, he also somehow got two As, two Bs, and a C.

“If he gets As and Bs, damn-it, it better be because he’s earning them. He’s putting in the work,” exclaimed Harrison who believes her son was given grades.

In World Geography, Jahmal got an A-. His teacher even commented, “Consistently well prepared. Good work habits.”

“Where, home?” asked Harrison replying to the teacher’s comment. “Because he was not in this frickin’ class. So, who was you all looking at when you gave him this grade?”

“I didn’t earn them, so I really don’t want them,” Jahmal told Fox45. He said he would like to give the grades back.

To get answers, Project Baltimore contacted Jahmal’s school, Banneker Blake Academy in north Baltimore. We were told his A- in World Geography - and that teacher’s comment - was a mistake, meant for another student. As far as his other grades, Carl Stokes, the school’s founder gave us this statement: “Teachers were not doing their due diligence. And the situation is being investigated.”

Concerning Jahmal’s progress report saying he only missed half-a-day of school, here’s what we learned. Infinite Campus is the computer program City Schools use to input data. If a student is absent, his teachers must mark the absence in the system or it defaults to present. So, at Banneker Blake, according to Stokes, when Jahmal was absent for 21 days in September, his teachers didn’t mark the absence, so Infinite Campus assumed he was present.

As for Harrison, she says Jahmal is now in school full-time and working to get his grades up.

“This is all he has to get. This is all these young men have to get out here is an education. The African Americans are filling up with prisons. They are filling up the graves. I don’t want this for my son,” concluded Harrison.

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