Principal Investigation Prompts Phone Call from Kuwait

Principal Investigation Prompts Phone Call from Kuwait

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- A Fox45 investigation sparked a large response after Project Baltimore uncovered a City School with two principals on payroll,

and one of them isn’t even in the country. Part of that large response included someone who says he’s from the middle-eastern school where that principal works.

When Fox45 broke the news, it went viral. Project Baltimore found two principals listed on payroll for Abbottston Elementary, both making six-figure salaries. But one of those principals was actually working at a school in Kuwait.

The story fueled phone calls to our tip line. One person said, “This is a little bit deeper than what you've reported about her getting paid for fifteen months.”

Hundreds of people also commented and shared the story on Facebook. We also spoke to Governor Larry Hogan who watched the story live.

“I was shocked and taken aback by it. I thought it was outrageous,” Hogan said. “We are going to push for legislation to give us more accountability.”

After the story aired, one phone call took us by surprise. It came from someone who says he attends the Kuwait Bilingual School, where former City Schools Principal Muriel Cole-Webber works. He asked that we not identify him, but he told Project Baltimore our story has created quite a stir.

“Yeah, a lot. A lot of people talk about it,” the student told us. “I guess news travels fast.”

The caller confirmed Webber has been in Kuwait since at least July of 2017. But as Fox45 first reported, she remained on City Schools payroll until early 2018 making nearly $120,000 a year.

The caller said Webber was approached by students at the school soon after the story was posted online. “Seniors and juniors went to her,” he told us.

He says the students asked Webber about Fox45’s report. We’re told she not only denied the allegation, she went a step further.

“She said it was fake news,” the student said.

We have reached out to Principal Webber. She hasn’t returned our calls or messages. We’ve also reached out to other elected leaders in Baltimore, like Mayor Catherine Pugh, to get their take on this story. We’ve also heard nothing back.

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