PROJECT BALTIMORE WINS | Baltimore city leaders react to Judge's ruling

    PROJECT BALTIMORE WINS | Baltimore city leaders react to Judge’s ruling

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Leaders of Baltimore City are reacting to a ruling from a Baltimore City Judge, ordering Baltimore City Schools Board of Commissioners pay thousands of dollars for withholding public documents related to an investigation into alleged grade changing.

    The judge also ruled the school board produce all documents related to Project Baltimore’s request.

    (Click here for more information on the Project Baltimore lawsuit.)

    “It’s disappointing because it’s now dollars that’s going to be paid out that could have gone towards education things,” said Councilman Brandon Scott, just minutes after learning of the ruling. “I know and I respect the school system. I respect the things they do. While we’re trying to and have to protect the identities of students and make sure we’re not doing anything that’s not in accordance with the law, when requests are made and they’re legal requests they have to own up to them in order to help transparency in government. We’re trying to rebuild that. It’s just disappointing all around. We just have to take it as a learning experience and figure out how we can do better because at the end of the day the real losers in this are those children at that school. That’s what we should be concerned about. We should be concerned about how we can make sure the school system and the children are getting the education they need. That requires work from everyone including the media and media partners holding people accountable as well.”

    Councilman Zeke Cohen also stressed the importance of transparency.

    “I need to read through all of these documents,” said Cohen. “I need to get the story for myself. I will say I’m a major proponent for transparency throughout our government. We passed the transparency and lobbying act to make sure the process here at City Hall is clean. So, we want to make sure our city school system is also incredibly transparent.”

    FOX45 reached out to each council member concerning the ruling.

    Councilman Yitzy Schleifer wrote via email: “I support an open and transparent school system.”

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