9 indicted in criminal enterprise 'built out of fear' involving members of 2 gangs

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Nine suspects have been indicted in connection with a "criminal enterprise" that operated out of the Edmondson Avenue area, the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) announced on Tuesday.

Of the nine suspects, eight were in custody by Tuesday morning. Investigators described the men as "violent, repeat offenders" and said additional indictments are forthcoming.

The criminal enterprise involved members of the Bloods gang and the Black Guerilla Family (BGF), police noted.

"We're here today to speak about an individual, specifically Brandon Pride," BPD Operational Intelligence Division Chief Sean Miller said. "Brandon Pride runs the Brick City organization along Edmondson Avenue in the Western District. This is known as the EA Blood Set, they do have connections to BGF. Some individuals on this chart are validated BGF members, some are validated Bloods, working in conjunction for the sole purpose of causing harm in our community, selling drugs, murders, witness intimidation, other violent crime."

The indictments were concluded on Thursday, Feb. 2 after a two-month investigation.

Since 2014, the organization's alleged territory had 47 aggravated assaults with firearms, 30 non-fatal shootings, 19 murders and 44 armed robberies.

"That is just gun violence connected to this geographical area," Miller said. "That is not inclusive of all violent crime that is connected, here along Edmondson Avenue."

During the briefing, police described the criminal operation as being "built off of fear," with an "MO" of witness intimidation and expansion of the operation through murder.

"Non-violent drug offenders, that term does not exist when it comes to this organization," Miller said.

Investigators are still looking for the ninth suspect.

"We're not talking about new killers, we're not talking about new criminals," said Baltimore Police spokesperson T.J. Smith. "We're talking about the same old guys, doing the same old thing, wreaking havoc in certain geographical parts of our city."

The suspects in custody were identified as 36-year-old Brandon Pride, 34-year-old Mark Rice, 40-year-old Adrian McFadden, 40-year-old Ronnie Whitener, 34-year-old Tavares White, 29-year-old Davon Coates, 25-year-old Antoine Benjamin and 40-year-old Tyron Evans.


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