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Surgeon lands the job she loves with GBMC Health Partners

GBMC - Nina Ferraris 2121x1414.jpeg
Being a colorectal surgeon wasn't the first thing Nina Ferraris thought she wanted to do with her career, but she found a place she loves to work at GBMC HealthCare.

Even though Nina Ferraris is now a board-certified surgeon at GBMC Health Partners — Colon & Rectal Surgery, she didn't always know she wanted to follow that career path.

"I know a lot of people have that story, but I was actually a neuroscience major," she explains.

But after realizing research didn't interest her, Dr. Ferraris decided to go to medical school, where she met some advisors who would eventually send her down the path to colorectal surgery.

"As you go through training, you find what you really enjoy and find fulfillment and mentors that you find admirable, and you want to follow in their footsteps," she says. "That's what led me to being a surgeon and, more specifically, a colorectal surgeon."

Beginning at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Ferraris' education took her to various parts of the country, when a fellowship in colon and rectal surgery landed her at GBMC Healthcare.

"I knew I liked the hospital. I