Pay It Forward: Dean Jones

FOX45 and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are helping Maryland's unsung heroes continue to make a difference in the community.

Our first recipient, Dean Jones, is a retired Maryland state trooper who raises money for research to help kids with cancer. A day's work for state trooper Dean Jones, who works with at-risk youth, came to an unexpected end 10 years ago.

"In February 2004 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma which is a form of blood cancer," Jones explains. He spent months at Johns Hopkins hospital, in and out of treatment, fighting just to stay alive.

"This one particular day I got on the elevator and there was a couple of kids on the elevator," Jones said. "One was in a wheelchair, the other was on crutches and I noticed that they were battling cancer the same way I was and I looked at them and they looked at me and I said, 'We gonna beat this... We're gonna be alright....'"

What he realized at that moment was that his job working with kids coming through the juvenile justice system was the beginning of his calling, being a champion for kids with cancer.

Over the years he has raised thousands of dollars for kids with cancer, donating every cent, to Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology Center. He says much of the money and resources go to research, which will one day change lives.

FOX45 wants to congratulate Dean Jones for "Paying it Forward," rewarding him with a check for $500 to continue doing good work for kids with cancer.

Fox 45 will select eight nominees and give them $500 to pay it forward. To nominate someone and for a complete set of rules, visit

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