Pay It Forward: Gina Truesdale

    FOX45 and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are helping Maryland's unsung heroes continue to make a difference in the community.

    Karen Parks introduces us to Gina Truesdale, whose mission begins with tragedy.

    Gina lost her son at a very young age, but his caring spirit and his big heart will always be remembered and is the inspiration for "Hammy's Heart."

    Abraham was your typical 10-year-old boy, who enjoyed football and soccer. For Gina, "Hammy," as he is fondly called, was the apple of her eye.

    "In 2008 he was diagnosed with an ependymoma brain tumor and so the first 2 were benign and the third one was cancerous and then the fourth one he had 3 return and they just grew so fast he lost his battle may 29th 2014," Gina said.

    During Hammy's illness Gina and her family joined Casey Cares, an organization here in Baltimore that provides uplifting programs to critically ill children and their families.

    Gina says one of Hammy's favorite pastimes was eating, also a side effect of taking steroids.

    "He wanted something different every single day and so I really couldn't grocery shop because I didn't know what he would want the next day so the Hammy Heart program gives you a grocery store gift card so you can go buy what you need for the child," Gina explains.

    So far Gina has raised more than $6,000 dollars for Hammy's Heart, which provides $25 gift cards to critically ill children at Casey Cares. She also hands out turtle necklaces.

    "He had 2 pet turtles: Rocky and Crush," Gina said. "I care for them now which is the inspiration to all the kids receiving the turtle necklace when they receive a gift card."

    Fox 45 and cancer treatment centers of America are helping Maryland's unsung heroes like Gina continue to make a difference in the community with $500, allowing her to "Pay it Forward."

    Gina is now raising her 13 year old daughter and continues to encourage fundraisers once a month.

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