Pay It Forward: Wings of Love Kuwait

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    A flight attendant with a love for dogs is making a huge difference in Baltimore and the Middle East.

    Six months ago, Boogie, a siberian husky, would have never dreamed of a run around a park on a beautiful fall day. Patricia Riska, the founder of Wings of Love Kuwait says, “He was thrown out in the desert, and he almost died because he was literally dehydrated.” Riska saved Boogie and more than 300 other abused, abandoned and neglected dogs. Rescued from Kuwait and given forever homes in Baltimore.

    “I was working the flight to Kuwait and I met a flight attendant who was rescuing cats and she said if you're a huge dog lover you should meet these ladies in Kuwait they could use your help,” Riska explains. From there Wings of Love Kuwait (WLK) was born.

    Jeremy Applebaum fosters dogs in Baltimore for WLK before they find homes. “(Riska's) incredibly passionate and dedicated to the cause and it's great that she has the opportunity to find loving homes for dogs.”

    Riska rescues as many dogs as she can and after a 14 hour flight, puts them immediately into foster care or forever homes. Anthony Falasco adopted one dog from WLK, he says, “We fostered her and by the time I walked her home from Patterson Park she wasn't going anywhere else. We started from there and offered to help and foster as much as we could.”

    Bringing the pups to Baltimore is pricey, Riska says it can cost up to $1500 for one large dog.

    Riska says the $500 for winning Pay It Forward will be a huge help, “We sell fleece jackets, we sell the collars and leashes we sell anything we can to get enough money for the next trip.” Riska says, “Getting $500 getting $1 it’s perfect, it’s amazing. we're honored.”

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